how I feel about blogs and the rise of the blog

by mowgliart

There is something absolutely magnetic about blogs and the way people write in blogs. I wish more of my close friends wrote active blogs and I could peer into their lives just for their passions. It’s great to know that you have passionate friends, it’s even greater to see what they see with their activity or hobby, that we could only see if we had that amount of intense interest in the subject manner.

Take my coworker for example. His passion is golf and his kids. He loves writing and if he didn’t have a family or a job, he would just be driving golf balls on the links and learning as much as he can about the game. If he isn’t listening to me rant about something I see wrong with the world or me complain about the last movie I saw, he is both drafting electrical builds and listening to a golf tutorial at the same time.

Blogs were always great when the internet first started and people had livejournals and xangas. I remember when I was in high school, and the when I went on a few dates with a girl from a private school. I found out she had a personal blog and kept it up regularly. It was mostly intimate details and a less private version of a diary, but I made it into a few of her posts. I never needed the validation that the date went well, but when can read someone’s HONEST and unfiltered take on what happened with personal thoughts splashed in, why not. I guess it’s always better to read these things after the fact or after you’ve moved on from that person, but it’s an interesting trip into someone else’s thoughts.

Which brings me to my 2 talking points in regards to blogging, Gimmie Two!:

First is that I want to predict that in the next 2-5 years we will see a massive rise in the use of tumblr and personal blogs. We have already seen the importance of Instagram (specifically for the premature massive 1 billion $ buy out). It’s basically a streamlined version of what Facebook used to be. It used to be a site to connect with friends and lost high school friends. You could connect with people you met once one weekend or stay in contact with all your friends back at home when you went to college. Now, I avoid it on: Sundays because of the multitude of uneducated play by play football commentary, days shows I like come on (yes thank you for that awesome Sons of Anarchy spoiler last week), after movies that are released that I want to see (The Dark Knight Rises), wedding season (because if I was just an acquaintance you are now happy and boring the rest of your life), and every other day where the most marginal statuses are posted. No one cares that you are super happy with your bf/gf or that you can’t wait to see the bf/gf after work. That is what your personal text messages are for because I’m happy for you, I truly am; but I don’t give any fucks about your thoughts that have the same of importance a note passed in middle school. What people want to see and want to be alerted about is what you’re doing. What hobbies you’ve picked up, skills you’ve learned, or adventures you’ve been on. I am guilty of the food pictures (but have the excuse that I am Asian) which also no one gives a shit about. Overall there is just a multitude of unimportant dribble on this social network that is suppose to bring people together. The more I see people complain and squabble about trivial bullshit, the less Facebook will be utilized as a look into someone’s life. Therefore the rise of the personal blog. People will begin to write about what really matters to them, what defines them, and most importantly what they really want to share with the people that care enough to follow them.

And secondly, blogging is extremely difficult for me. I have an internal struggle between ‘LET’S BLOG EVERYTHING’ and I don’t think that was epic enough or funny enough to document. I haven’t found my audience yet. It bothers me if I write something and no one cares or reads it, but it bothers me more that I didn’t write at the more important and interesting times of my life that I wish I could reflect on now to see how my life has progressed. I have blogged and wrote successfully for a summer, internship, or a few day adventure and I know I enjoy writing. The personal struggle and resistance I feel to document my thoughts will subside with commitment and forming a habit.

For now I’m struggling with being inspired. I lost a few of my muses, I almost died last month, and I don’t want to wait til I snap completely before I figure out how to take myself and more importantly my art more seriously. I want to construct a list of goals and start a weekly video blog called Mowgli Art Mondays. It will document the inspiration of an art piece, the process of cutting the stencils and painting it, and commentary on what’s new with the week. I am not a rapper and I cannot do a freestyle, but if I can create 52 new works of art a year; that would be nothing short of accomplished in my book. Another issue I have with blogging and talking in general is that I have a habit to rant (see how crazy the last paragraph got).

This will be a learning process and to those people that stumble upon this website and read it. Thank you. The support of my friends and the random acquaintances that have praised what I do or the art I produce are one of the driving factors of me continuing it.