hall_ginger’s response to ‘staring at my macbook’

by mowgliart

Dang that post seriously makes you think.

I like it a lot.

I can’t help but to agree though honestly. I feel like I am one of the people you are talking about did well in high school, graduated college, am now content with a job because it pays the bills

Is it what i dreamed I would do with my life? Not at all.

I would love to drop it all and pursue something that I actually care about? Absolutely it’s almost impossible for me to get excited about the job I have to sell paper products for crying out loud, who could possibly get excited about that and yet here I sit day after day selling paper.

I heard a quote last night from Steve Gundy on ESPN 30 for 30 and he said “a goal without a plan is a wish,” I have some lofty goals in life but no plans to make them happen. I have a wish list on Amazon.com of items I would one day like to purchase but will I ever buy all of those items? NO

Are my life goals like a metaphor for my Amazon.com wish list? All nice to look at and think about doing but the reality of it is, they’re too expensive, I wouldn’t use it enough, cant justify buying it its depressing.