by mowgliart

mowgli pizza

What do you know about Thursday traditions?!

So today is 10.11.12 which is apparently an important  popular day to get married says my coworker. In my mind this day would be a great day to get married, way better than 01.02.03, 02.03.04… so on and so fourth. Next year will be even better and my wedding day/best consecutive number day party will be the ultimate 12.13.14! Mark you calendars because its happening. Ladies please use to the comment section or wherever the contact me section is to apply.

I’ve been listening to a lot of this new Macklemore+Ryan Lewis. I think the best part about the changing and advancing hip-hop/rap/trap/frat-rap game is the fact that currently rappers can both have substance and have the ability to enunciate their verses, which wasn’t always a requirement to become successful rapper in the past. If you dislike him or the music, please feel free to respond and or keep it to yourself to the majority of people reading this.

It’s mother fucking PIZZA day more importantly. Every Thursday BassJet and I go to Ellis Island Casino’s Metro City Pizza for buy one get one free slices and pies. We have decided that with our new found weekly tradition we will try odd combinations of typical pizza toppings, therefore CHANGING the pizza game.

This week is Mushroom + Ham for P1 and Pineapple + Spinach for P2.

Stay tuned for weekly Thursday updates along with more updates of this blog. Is anyone reading this? Who cares, because I know where ever I will be in 1 – 20 years, I’ll find this blog again and enjoy remembering times in Las Vegas with my coworker BassJet and the point of my life I was currently in.