angry angry flight is delayed for an hour

by mowgliart

this is an angry rant…



you’ve been warned:


We are doomed as people…


You ever play the LOST game while waiting for a flight? If your plane were to end up on an island in purgatory, who would actually be an asset on the plane? Who would be the doctor (hopefully if you have one), who would be the leader, who is super weak in the real world, and who would be absofuckinglutely dead weight? I look around and there is a lot of dead weight. Girls in fur coats with her sunglasses on inside, overweight chicks with cut up t-shirts and their bra showing, and then maybe 2-6 males with a strong demeanor resolve that might come in handy.


The more you play this game in any given moment of your life, the more you realize how privileged you are to have had the opportunity for education and to learn any type of skillset.


I don’t get how obesity is a handicap or the PC term of disability. You let yourself get so fucking fat that you can barely walk. You fill up seats, you eat too much shit, and you haven’t seen under your waist line in some years.


It’s tough, you had a shitty lifestyle, and you never did anything to change it, but that is inexcusable to get that fat. 30 maybe even 100 pounds ago you should have been like oh hey, I haven’t seen my toes in a while and I’m riding around in that fucking cart at Wal-Mart; maybe I should stop to think and stop raising and requiring such a high amount of health care because you can’t “control” yourself…


I don’t know I’m angry. I’m upset about the art world. I don’t understand fashion. I don’t understand why people don’t dream more. Why they aren’t pursuing what they aspire to be or what they aspire to accomplish. This 20 something life is nothing but ordinary and it seems to be what you do at this time your life. Graduate, real job, date a person for two years, engaged, married, house, kids, happy. I don’t understand why people live their lives the way that they do. Guess I don’t want to look back and feel like I followed a path or did what I was ‘supposed’ to do.