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Month: November, 2012

Kobe Bryant Mock by Mowgli

4 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli

4 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli

Original Image

Original Image


Something about this stencil turned out really well. The finished product is going to look amazing. I’m really excited.


Wolf Mock by Mowgli

5 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli

5 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli


Original Wolf Image

Original Wolf Image


Bane Mock by Mowgli

4 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli

4 Layer Stencil Mock by Mowgli

Bane Original Photo

Bane Original Photo


Really excited to rewatch The Dark Knight Rises this weekend.


Giraffe for a Secret Santa I will be doing for a reddtior.      

Why isn’t more dieting like this…


Anyone have anymore of these?

Broccoli Fucking Salad – cooking with Mowgli



Deheading some broccoli and chopping up them stems


Onion + Knife = ….


red onion chopping. try to think of manly things and not crying.


too late you were emotionally attached to that onion and also thought of when Mufasa died in Lion King


Man yourself up with some Bacon.


That’s just sexy


Chop up and make yoself some bacon bits


ingredients to make that sauceeee


fuck you white vinegar tab thing


stir the shit out of it until that sugar dissolves like you do with your crystal light packets


put those ingredients in bowl and add that mmmmmm cheese


add more bacon…just in case 


Mixed finished product sans sauce


Put your sauce in a separate container and add that shit before you serve this delicious tasty side dish for your BBQ and or Thanksgiving potluck.


They’ll be like gross what is that just a bunch of broccoli and some onions and you’ll calmly reply what did you bring, that god awful chicken salad that still has not been touched? Exactly there are 3 tubs of that weak dish. Tell them that there is bacon in it and that alone triumphs their dish on principle. Let them have a bite and have their eyes light up in amazement that broccoli can actually taste great despite years and years of hatred from millions of children.





Recipe Below from SaintLMo:


  • 3 – 4 heads of fresh broccoli – deaded and chopped
  • Small red onion – diced
  • Bacon – like a shit ton. sliced thin strips, bacon-bitted, cooked until awesome
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese


  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2 TB white vinegar

^stir until the sugar dissolves like the feelings to your ex-women.

Further Instructions:

  • Best to put the dressing on before you serve it…..I usually double or 1.5 times the dressing recipe.  

Optional Ingredients:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raisins

GUESTPOST: Rise of the Guardians Review by BuzzLightYear


This is the first trailer I watched when I was in theaters a few months ago. Looks awesome. Santa looks alike a bad ass and CGI looks smooth…

After looking about the movie online I discovered the second trailer.

After watching that I was like woah completely different direction and definitely confused how the first trailer had no mention of the main character: Jack Frost. I was supposed to see this movie last Saturday in the morning (missed it) and then on Monday(fuck lines). For just a one (1) screen advance with only 280 seats there parents with children (lots of fucking kids) lining up at 3:00 PM and over 400 people in line over an hour before the screening started. Fuck that.

Here’s the review from


The movie starts out a little deep showing him [Jack Frost] and how he was created and knowing nothing about his past or why he is here. Then it transitions into him being himself and messing with people and having fun. Meanwhile, an evil source is coming and makes an appearance at the North Pole in front of Santa Claus. This causes Santa to call upon the other guardians of the children of the world to come together to help fight this new evil. They are told to invite the new guardian, Jack Frost. At first they are hesitant, but comply with Santa’s wishes. Frost finds himself throughout the movie and uses his powers to help others and most importantly, shows the others the joys of life that were left unappreciated. He stands up and tries to fight the evil and loses. He then learns about his past and creation to find his center and goes to protect the one kid that still believes in the guardians. They all reunite and fight together to defeat the evil.  This movie is an A+ (5/5) to bring the entire family and enjoy a night out.

Usually I would post spoilers and block out certain sentences, but for this review (especially since it is a children’s movie); I think any adult (which I hope you while reading this) assumes this is going to be a happy ending and the good guys win.

If you would like to submit your guest reviews please comment them here or e-mail


Dexter Mock by Mowgli

    When I first started doing artwork a little over a year ago I just made pieces when I had an idea. It didn’t matter if they were rushed through, one layer, or even a terrible stencil, I just painted to see what I could do. I used tutorials, I used pre-made stencils I […]

support your artists

quotes like this are comforting. they don’t provide long lasting inspiration, but it’s good to know that other people can more eloquently express how I feel. There have been a lot of friends who have supported me and it absolutely means the world to me when I feel uninspired or question why I’m struggling to […]

Recent Mocks – Tim Tebow & Danny Coale


For an avid Florida fan. This is the typical type of mock I can provide before the painting begins. It gives the idea of the street style and layers and also allows the commissioner to decide on the background color to make the grayscale pop.



Either Danny Coale piece would be a 1 of 2 as the commissioner wanted one for his home and another for his parents back at home. This design turned out a little better because of the original high-res photo and the quality of the image. 

Danny Coale mock 2. I wish there was a higher resolution image to base the design off of but this is a great catch being made by Mr. Coale.


The mocks I create are to give the idea of the final image for the commissioner. The final painting will be done by hand and have a more simplified looks and edges for the greys. These mocks could be made into prints, but I like keeping them for the user and resulting in the final paintings.


If you would to inquire about the paintings or commission one, please e-mail:



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