Recent Mocks – Tim Tebow & Danny Coale

by mowgliart


For an avid Florida fan. This is the typical type of mock I can provide before the painting begins. It gives the idea of the street style and layers and also allows the commissioner to decide on the background color to make the grayscale pop.



Either Danny Coale piece would be a 1 of 2 as the commissioner wanted one for his home and another for his parents back at home. This design turned out a little better because of the original high-res photo and the quality of the image. 

Danny Coale mock 2. I wish there was a higher resolution image to base the design off of but this is a great catch being made by Mr. Coale.


The mocks I create are to give the idea of the final image for the commissioner. The final painting will be done by hand and have a more simplified looks and edges for the greys. These mocks could be made into prints, but I like keeping them for the user and resulting in the final paintings.


If you would to inquire about the paintings or commission one, please e-mail: