Dexter Digital Mock

by mowgliart

Dexter Mock by Mowgli


Darkly dreaming Dexter


When I first started doing artwork a little over a year ago I just made pieces when I had an idea. It didn’t matter if they were rushed through, one layer, or even a terrible stencil, I just painted to see what I could do.

I used tutorials, I used pre-made stencils I printed out, I could barely operate photoshop. There was overspray everywhere, paint drips, and my cat at the time, Sledge was very high on fumes since Home Depot doesn’t carry kitty respirator. Most importantly I did artwork for the people that mattered and that is something that I wish I was doing more of recently.

My favorite thing to do would be to paint something for someone’s birthday. Sure it’s an easy cop out of getting someone an actual gift that only artists can do, but I think spending 3-4 hour painting and designing something for them outweighs buying them a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I miss doing it and I’m grateful when I do get invited to a birthday dinner or a party of a decent friend.