GUESTPOST: Rise of the Guardians Review by BuzzLightYear

by mowgliart


This is the first trailer I watched when I was in theaters a few months ago. Looks awesome. Santa looks alike a bad ass and CGI looks smooth…

After looking about the movie online I discovered the second trailer.

After watching that I was like woah completely different direction and definitely confused how the first trailer had no mention of the main character: Jack Frost. I was supposed to see this movie last Saturday in the morning (missed it) and then on Monday(fuck lines). For just a one (1) screen advance with only 280 seats there parents with children (lots of fucking kids) lining up at 3:00 PM and over 400 people in line over an hour before the screening started. Fuck that.

Here’s the review from


The movie starts out a little deep showing him [Jack Frost] and how he was created and knowing nothing about his past or why he is here. Then it transitions into him being himself and messing with people and having fun. Meanwhile, an evil source is coming and makes an appearance at the North Pole in front of Santa Claus. This causes Santa to call upon the other guardians of the children of the world to come together to help fight this new evil. They are told to invite the new guardian, Jack Frost. At first they are hesitant, but comply with Santa’s wishes. Frost finds himself throughout the movie and uses his powers to help others and most importantly, shows the others the joys of life that were left unappreciated. He stands up and tries to fight the evil and loses. He then learns about his past and creation to find his center and goes to protect the one kid that still believes in the guardians. They all reunite and fight together to defeat the evil.  This movie is an A+ (5/5) to bring the entire family and enjoy a night out.

Usually I would post spoilers and block out certain sentences, but for this review (especially since it is a children’s movie); I think any adult (which I hope you while reading this) assumes this is going to be a happy ending and the good guys win.

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