We are all insane

by mowgliart

Not criminally insane, not dangerous to others. We like to feel sad because it’s something we can connect with; something that we identify with and something that makes us appreciate the happy times.


In the ying and yang sense of things you have to have terrible and sad times in order to appreciate the great times.


I love my friends. The insane and creative crazies. I see my friend up days at a time, up late when everybody is sleeping, painting, putting what he thinks people will love on canvas. The emotional connection you have with something you’ve created is so great, but as an artist you have to find another person who appreciates it more than you do and you will make happy by exchanging your time for a piece that they will connect with on the wall of the residence.


I think of my amazing friends recently. I look up to them with so much admiration, I’m afraid they won’t know how much I care about them. I look up to one of my few heroes who got his dream job after college and is consistently being successful in the industry. I look up to the guy that pursued sketch comedy with everything that he could give and will be with no doubt one of the best comedians and performer of our time. I look up to the coal miner who finished what I couldn’t and has worked hard day in day out with an occupation that very few people can appreciate. I look up to all the people from Virginia Tech that I have had ‘the talk’ with and how we have attempted to make sense of things. I look up to an amazingly talented designer who with a few lucky breaks could become a huge impact on the design community. I look up to aspiring med students who have pursued one of the hardest career paths to help people. I look up to my best friends in high school who have found what makes them happy and are pursuing it. I look up to a ginger who can always make me laugh and have the most ridiculous conversations with and has always supported anything I have ever attempted. I appreciate my family.  I look up to my pledge class who knows me more than most every people I met. I look up to the guys I did BAM with who shared moments of usefulness and beauty that stays with you. I look up to my roommates who have always been there for me and dealt with my world of crazy.


My biggest fear with becoming an artist or being creative or even the risk of becoming who I want to be is not acknowledging who helped me get to where I am. I never had a lot of chance to say thank you to the people that meant the most to me and sometimes you just have to put it out there in hopes they will read it. There are a lot of conversations and moments that echo with me.


I just felt it was time to write about it.