The Place Beyond The Pines Review

by mowgliart

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t expect what unfolded during the movie after enjoying the hell out of the above trailer. This movie is shot in the same artistic and stylized way of Blue Valentine (the director’s previous movie). The chase scenes were great. Ryan Gosling’s character was the epitome of a bad ass. Bradley Cooper does have a very compelling performance and will continue to improve his acting chops for his non-Hangover performances such as The Silver Linings Playbook.

Don’t look past the trailer. If the trailer excites you and you’re like tattooed Ryan Gosling, motorcycles, AND bank robberies, Fuck Yea! Go see the movie. Don’t ask anyone about it, don’t look up more about. Go see it. This isn’t going to be an in depth review because of the story and how the movie progresses. I think most reviewers should refrain from full reviews and just call it a Catfish.

I went into the movie knowing that the trailer was well cut and didn’t tell everything there is to know about the story and that it was from a director I enjoyed. I highly recommend it and it was one of the very very few movies that I have been genuinely excited about seeing outside of the big blockbusters like Star Trek ID and Iron Man 3.