Oblivion Review

by mowgliart

The is one of the major blockbusters for the spring slash summer. It had high expectations for both it being an original sci-fi movie and had a plethora of excitement with the trailer.

The landscapes were beautiful, but it has the same problems Prometheus had. Great special effects and some beautiful shots (especially seeing it in IMAX), but no substance and the lack of an engaging plot.

There were several lacking parts to the film that took you away from the Sci-Fi world that it created. The film had both a slow first and second act. One of the parts that is most upsetting is how act 1 plays as act 1 should or even level 1 of a video game. It is there to teach you the mechanics, show you what is going on, and the purpose of each piece of technology and character. Apparently this did not translate into the 2nd or 3rd act and the movie had a lack of consistency.

Jamie Lannister appears as one of the characters and the movie transpires in a predictable manner with obvious twists and gaping plot holes and inconsistencies.

It was an upsetting movie to have so many flaws and moments that took you out of what would of been an engrossing Sci-Fi movie. There were just too many questions raised and not enough answers.

I would skip this movie and trust me that if you would like to see technology and great graphics; pop in Mass Effect 2 or 3 or watch every great space/Sci-Fi movie such as 2001: Space Odyssey.

Anyone paying attention to the movie will notice these major flaws in the plot which will bother even the most casual movie goer. This will have a decent opening weekend, but will fall off quickly after the reviews start to come in.

The main red head actress hasn’t really been in any notable movies and is a new comer to a major film. Her huge dilated pupils throughout the entire film are very distracting and one ponders if, ‘She popped that molly and was in fact sweatin”

Tom Cruise plays typical Tom Cruise.

!! And I just found out this is the same director of Tron. Which I loved. Why……….

Skip it. 1/5

Have you seen the movie?

Spoilers and questions below

Stop scrolling. Stop reading.

Have you seen the movie already?

I warned you

Was it as predictable for you as it was for everyone else?

Why was the other operator not paying attention at all? Did she really leave her post and not see the video from her technicians ship of two Jack’s fighting?

How did the mothership not detect that it was ship 52 instead of 49 that was coming to it?

Where did Jack 52 go?!

If they can detect DNA trails, wouldn’t the drones HAVE to know the difference between each Jack? How did the mother ship not know it was a different prisoner body? Also if the ship can detect heart rate and voice inflections; wouldn’t it figure out there is 10 power cores!?

What happened the 60 years that it took for Julia to come back to Earth?

Why when every lazer that hits a person that person explodes, but Morgan Freemon is just injured?

They had an alert system when the first drone came to find Jack with the survivors. They were loading the bomb and the alert system just forgot?

How many times with different Jacks did they try to have him help them?

Why was Earth destroyed in the first place?

The armor doesn’t explain why they moved like creatures that invaded.

When did they have sex to get pregnant?

Why wasn’t there a sex scene?

Why did she sleep with him if she knew it was a different Jack?

What were they saying with the audio distorters that made them sound like aliens?