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Man Of Tai Chi Trailer

Keanu Reeves stars AND directs!

With Iko Uwais from the Raid Redemption.

Cannot wait for a good kung fu/action movie.


Guest Review : This Is The End by The Viking

It’s a bunch of actors making fun of themselves with Emma Watson who is looking HELLA good and someone famous gets ass raped by a certain type of thing and I laughed a lot.

That’s my review.

-The Viking.

Oblivion Review

The is one of the major blockbusters for the spring slash summer. It had high expectations for both it being an original sci-fi movie and had a plethora of excitement with the trailer.

The landscapes were beautiful, but it has the same problems Prometheus had. Great special effects and some beautiful shots (especially seeing it in IMAX), but no substance and the lack of an engaging plot.

There were several lacking parts to the film that took you away from the Sci-Fi world that it created. The film had both a slow first and second act. One of the parts that is most upsetting is how act 1 plays as act 1 should or even level 1 of a video game. It is there to teach you the mechanics, show you what is going on, and the purpose of each piece of technology and character. Apparently this did not translate into the 2nd or 3rd act and the movie had a lack of consistency.

Jamie Lannister appears as one of the characters and the movie transpires in a predictable manner with obvious twists and gaping plot holes and inconsistencies.

It was an upsetting movie to have so many flaws and moments that took you out of what would of been an engrossing Sci-Fi movie. There were just too many questions raised and not enough answers.

I would skip this movie and trust me that if you would like to see technology and great graphics; pop in Mass Effect 2 or 3 or watch every great space/Sci-Fi movie such as 2001: Space Odyssey.

Anyone paying attention to the movie will notice these major flaws in the plot which will bother even the most casual movie goer. This will have a decent opening weekend, but will fall off quickly after the reviews start to come in.

The main red head actress hasn’t really been in any notable movies and is a new comer to a major film. Her huge dilated pupils throughout the entire film are very distracting and one ponders if, ‘She popped that molly and was in fact sweatin”

Tom Cruise plays typical Tom Cruise.

!! And I just found out this is the same director of Tron. Which I loved. Why……….

Skip it. 1/5

Have you seen the movie?

Spoilers and questions below

Stop scrolling. Stop reading.

Have you seen the movie already?

I warned you

Was it as predictable for you as it was for everyone else?

Why was the other operator not paying attention at all? Did she really leave her post and not see the video from her technicians ship of two Jack’s fighting?

How did the mothership not detect that it was ship 52 instead of 49 that was coming to it?

Where did Jack 52 go?!

If they can detect DNA trails, wouldn’t the drones HAVE to know the difference between each Jack? How did the mother ship not know it was a different prisoner body? Also if the ship can detect heart rate and voice inflections; wouldn’t it figure out there is 10 power cores!?

What happened the 60 years that it took for Julia to come back to Earth?

Why when every lazer that hits a person that person explodes, but Morgan Freemon is just injured?

They had an alert system when the first drone came to find Jack with the survivors. They were loading the bomb and the alert system just forgot?

How many times with different Jacks did they try to have him help them?

Why was Earth destroyed in the first place?

The armor doesn’t explain why they moved like creatures that invaded.

When did they have sex to get pregnant?

Why wasn’t there a sex scene?

Why did she sleep with him if she knew it was a different Jack?

What were they saying with the audio distorters that made them sound like aliens?

The Place Beyond The Pines Review

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t expect what unfolded during the movie after enjoying the hell out of the above trailer. This movie is shot in the same artistic and stylized way of Blue Valentine (the director’s previous movie). The chase scenes were great. Ryan Gosling’s character was the epitome of a bad ass. Bradley Cooper does have a very compelling performance and will continue to improve his acting chops for his non-Hangover performances such as The Silver Linings Playbook.

Don’t look past the trailer. If the trailer excites you and you’re like tattooed Ryan Gosling, motorcycles, AND bank robberies, Fuck Yea! Go see the movie. Don’t ask anyone about it, don’t look up more about. Go see it. This isn’t going to be an in depth review because of the story and how the movie progresses. I think most reviewers should refrain from full reviews and just call it a Catfish.

I went into the movie knowing that the trailer was well cut and didn’t tell everything there is to know about the story and that it was from a director I enjoyed. I highly recommend it and it was one of the very very few movies that I have been genuinely excited about seeing outside of the big blockbusters like Star Trek ID and Iron Man 3.


GUESTPOST: Rise of the Guardians Review by BuzzLightYear


This is the first trailer I watched when I was in theaters a few months ago. Looks awesome. Santa looks alike a bad ass and CGI looks smooth…

After looking about the movie online I discovered the second trailer.

After watching that I was like woah completely different direction and definitely confused how the first trailer had no mention of the main character: Jack Frost. I was supposed to see this movie last Saturday in the morning (missed it) and then on Monday(fuck lines). For just a one (1) screen advance with only 280 seats there parents with children (lots of fucking kids) lining up at 3:00 PM and over 400 people in line over an hour before the screening started. Fuck that.

Here’s the review from


The movie starts out a little deep showing him [Jack Frost] and how he was created and knowing nothing about his past or why he is here. Then it transitions into him being himself and messing with people and having fun. Meanwhile, an evil source is coming and makes an appearance at the North Pole in front of Santa Claus. This causes Santa to call upon the other guardians of the children of the world to come together to help fight this new evil. They are told to invite the new guardian, Jack Frost. At first they are hesitant, but comply with Santa’s wishes. Frost finds himself throughout the movie and uses his powers to help others and most importantly, shows the others the joys of life that were left unappreciated. He stands up and tries to fight the evil and loses. He then learns about his past and creation to find his center and goes to protect the one kid that still believes in the guardians. They all reunite and fight together to defeat the evil.  This movie is an A+ (5/5) to bring the entire family and enjoy a night out.

Usually I would post spoilers and block out certain sentences, but for this review (especially since it is a children’s movie); I think any adult (which I hope you while reading this) assumes this is going to be a happy ending and the good guys win.

If you would like to submit your guest reviews please comment them here or e-mail


The Man with the Iron Fists Review

by Mowgli

Flight Review

My first of hopefully several movie reviews in video blogging style.

Definitely need to get the edits improved and my crazy roommate with an airsoft gun away from the camera next time.

Hope you enjoy.

Flight with Denzel Washington opens Friday Nov. 2nd.

4/5 stars.


Trouble with the Curve – Review


Trouble with the Curve – Review

By: Mowgli

If you just want to read the review, skip to the section titled ‘Review:’ I know, real difficult, right?


I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of Clint Eastwood’s return from acting retirement last night (9/12). Usually advanced screenings or prescreens are the week of the movie’s release so it is strange that there were some reviews last week (2 weeks early) and that this was over a week before the movie releases next Friday, September 21st.

Plot A Nutshell:

If you haven’t seen the above trailer, the movie is about an aging legendary baseball scout, Gus (Clint Eastwood) who is starting to lose his vision. His old school methods and resistance to new technologies lead the franchise to question his ability to perform for this year’s draft. His daughter Mickey (Amy Adams) accompanies him on a scouting trip to North Carolina to look at a 1st round draft prospect. Johnny Flanagan (Justin Timberlake) is also in NC for a rival team looking at the same player and was a former draft pick and close friend of Gus years ago. Just watch the trailer above and you should be able to figure it out.





Trouble with the Curve is Clint Eastwood’s return to acting after he declared Gran Torino as his final acting roll back in 2008. This is Director Robert Lorenz’s first movie, although he served as a second unit director/assistant director on movies such as Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River and a producer on several others.

After seeing the trailer I was truly excited for the return of Clint Eastwood and hoping for more amazing one liners that made a bitter, racist, and elder Eastwood so great. A Gran Torino + Baseball would of be amazing, but Trouble with the Curve falls flat.

The lack of character development in the first act of the 111 min. movie just leaves you with empty characters that you don’t connect or care about. Several of the conversations between the characters seem awkward and unnatural. The audience understands there is tension between the father and daughter dynamic with Eastwood and Adams, but the conflict comes off as awkward and frustrating to watch. During several emotional scenes in the film I just stared blankly at the screen, wondering if I should feel anything for a character’s struggle. Eastwood and Timberlake are the two redeeming graces’ of the film. Eastwood has his trademark Gran Torino-esque one-liners that are sure to spark several laughs throughout the film, while Justin Timberlake excels with his playful retorts. I don’t know what happened to Amy Adams who was really hot in Enchanted and The Fighter, but she truly looks her age (not an good thing for a Hollywood production) in this movie playing a 37 year old (she is actually 38).

The baseball portion of the movie was very basic and I wouldn’t suggest major baseball enthusiasts and fanatics to go to the movie expecting a baseball movie. Yes it is about baseball, but what takes up most of the screen time is: Amy Adams and her relationship with her father, the conflict with her law firm, and a hint of the most basic of baseball terms and references for the general unaware audience.

The best indication of a good movie would be how you felt about seeing the trailer after watching the movie. The trailer is basically a highlight reel teaser of the best parts of the movie and moviegoers are hoping that it is just a taste. In TwtC it is not just the case; it is the ENTIRE movie. If you avoid the trailer you might have a better experience, but if a super-cut trailer set to uplifting music is better than the movie as a whole, you know you’re in trouble.

Overall the movie lacked heart. It didn’t have the magic that makes sports movies such an amazing, uplifting and popular genre. It will not go down in the same category as Field of Dreams, The Natural, or most recently Moneyball. The movie took on too much and didn’t have that saving grace or stand out performance to make it worthwhile. The third act had way too much crammed into it in a predictable conclusion where everyone walks off into the sunset.

My recommendation would be to save the $12 you would spend on seeing this movie in the theaters, not even buy it on DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out, and just wait until its on TV or Netflix.

Of course this is only one person’s opinion and I expect TwtC to do okay the first week in the box office and drop off immediately after that.


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